AGAE Technologies is pleased to offer our high-purity and high-quality R95 product. It is HPLC/MS grade RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactant for potential applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals.  RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactants are highly biodegradable, non-toxic, sustainable, and will support eco-certification as a safe ingredient.  R95 comes in solid/granular format which is 95% pure and readily soluble in water to support your strictest requirements.

Highly purified and well-characterized, R95 is also an excellent reference material for researchers needing lab standard compounds for comparison studies.

Available quantities of these reference-grade laboratory compounds range from 10 mg to industrial quantities.  Larger quantity orders are always welcome and will receive greatly reduced volume pricing.  To order, please contact AGAE by email or by phone.  For quotes on larger or commercial quantities, please contact us at AGAE INFO.

To place an order, please call AGAE or email AGAE Sales at Contact Sales.

Representative MS Grade RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactant product

Representative MS Grade RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactant product from AGAE Technologies, LLC – Corvallis, Oregon USA

















(HPLC and MS profiles of representative RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactants produced by AGAE Technologies, LLC in Corvallis, Oregon  USA)





















































































































































































































Summary of Some Important Parameters Reported for RHAMNOLIPID Biosurfactant

The surface tension (ST) of rhamnolipid solution ranges from 25 mN/m to 40 mN/m.  This is approximately two to three times lower than the surface tension of water (72 mN/m).  These values depend on the composition of the rhamnolipid solution, the ratio of di- to mono-rhamnolipids, the purity of the rhamnolipids, the concentration of the rhamnolipid solution, and the co-dissolved solutes in the rhamnolipid solution (e.g.: glucose, glycerol, mannitol, sucrose, maltose, lactose, galactose, rhamnose, raffinose, sorbitol, etc.).

The critical micelle concentration (CMC) of rhamnolipid solution ranges from 15-380 mg/liter.  These values also depend on the composition of the rhamnolipids, the ratio of di- to mono- rhamnolipids, the purity of the rhamnolipids, the concentration of the rhamnolipid solution, etc.  The critical micelle concentration (CMC) of rhamnolipid solution is approximately 100 times lower than that of the chemical surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS).

The interfacial tension (IFT) of rhamnolipid solution against crude oil / diesel / kerosene / naphthalene / n-pentane / n-heptane / n-hexadecane / motor oil, etc., ranges from 10‾² to ultra-low 10⁵ mN/m.  Again, these values depend on the composition of the rhamnolipid solution and the formulation of rhamnolipids with the composition and species of the chemical surfactants.

Rhamnolipids can tolerate a broad spectrum of pH (e.g. ranging from pH 3-10).

Rhamnolipids can tolerate high salt conditions (e.g. 20% NaCl).

Rhamnolipids can tolerate high temperatures (e.g. extended periods of 90°C).

Rhamnolipids have excellent emulsifying activity and stability (e.g. E24 ranges from 10 to 90%).  These values depend on the composition of the mixed solution (e.g.: n-hexadecane, liquid paraffin, petroleum, diesel, kerosene, mineral oil, toluene, etc.) as well as pH.

Rhamnolipids are compatible with the environment, readily biodegradable in soil and water, safe, non-toxic or harmless to humans, animals, aquatic organisms, insects, and microbial flora, if handled correctly and applied properly.






IFT Data

MWs of RL congeners

















































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