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Solid scientific evidence from over 65 years of studies on rhamnolipids fully support that they are the best known, most extensively characterized and most widely applicable biosurfactant, while also being safe to both humans and the environment. Thus, AGAE firmly believes that rhamnolipids will gradually replace a significant portion of petroleum-derived and/or chemically synthesized surfactants in various industries.

AGAE strives to contribute to the quick advancement of this replacement process by manufacturing and supplying the most economical and reliable rhamnolipid ingredients to its worldwide customers.

Through its continuing research efforts, AGAE will pioneer the feasibility, affordability and efficacy of novel, large-scale applications of rhamnolipids in diverse industries.

AGAE is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best rhamnolipid-formulated end-products to its customers and to serving them with the most advanced rhamnolipid technologies in the world.



AGAE Technologies, LLC specializes in the innovative research, manufacturing and marketing of RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactants.  Our core business is:

· R&D and manufacturing of RHAMNOLIPIDS

· Innovative, diverse application-targeted products

· Highest levels of purity and quality

· Breakthrough manufacturing technologies, including fermentation, downstream processing, purification and analysis for reduced production costs and increased production rates

AGAE specializes in research, development and manufacturing of novel RHAMNOLIPIDS to increase industrial usage and generally promote eco-friendly biosurfactants.



AGAE Technologies is a specialty chemical company spun-off from Oregon State University.  AGAE has developed its own comprehensive RHAMNOLIPID-based IPs.  These proprietary RHAMNOLIPID technologies are the most advanced in the world and have placed AGAE in the unique position of being the world’s foremost RHAMNOLIPID expert as well as the most reliable and leading international supplier of high-quality and high-purity RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactant products.

AGAE’s products are manufactured in Corvallis, Oregon, USA.  We offer finished, superior grade and high purity level RHAMNOLIPIDS and customized RHAMNOLIPID products with HPLC and MS profiles in any quantity desired.




A major R&D focus for AGAE Technologies is developing cost-effective production of RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactants.  We have advanced our technology to achieve significant improvements in production capacity, cost, purity and reproducibility.  We provide a wide variety of high-purity RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactant products to choice from, including solid/granular and customized RHAMNOLIPID products.

With AGAE’s unmatched advanced technological capabilities and unlimited production capacity, aggressive commercialization of products/formulations containing bio-friendly RHAMNOLIPID biosurfactant is now fully achievable in all application areas.

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