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AGAE specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality and large-volume rhamnolipids. AGAE has sold out rhamnolipid products to its worldwide customers directly or through Sigma-Aldrich since 2012. AGAE's rhamnolipids are potentially widely applicable in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, topical therapeutics, personal care, skin care, home care, commercial/industrial cleaning, in situ and ex situ remediation of environmental contaminations, bioremediation, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), agriculture (adjuvants and co-surfactant), etc. 


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Press Release (9/12/2022): AGAE Achieves Breakthrough in Fermentation Production of Biosurfactant HAA.

Press Release (8/16/2022): AGAE Produces Record Yields of Rhamnolipids at Its Lowest Cost by Fermentation.


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