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Our Story

Isn’t it amazing what can be accomplished in the past 14 years? Since opening our doors for business in 2011, AGAE’s scientists have been hard at work, continuously developing our rhamnolipid manufacturing technologies in pursuit of our mission to make high-quality rhamnolipids easily attainable for commercial use. Our efforts are paying off. Not only have we steadily maintained our position as having the most advanced rhamnolipid manufacturing technologies in the world, but we have also made rhamnolipid progressively more affordable and available in industrial quantities. There has never been a better time than the present to start implementing highly effective, environmentally friendly, and human-safe rhamnolipids from AGAE into your product formulation plans.

The cumulative fruits of years of determined work by our scientific team have led to the development of comprehensive proprietary rhamnolipid mass manufacturing technologies. These technologies, in turn, have culminated in the successful implementation of advanced rhamnolipid fermentation and purification pilot plants. These plants enable us to radically scale up our production capacity to the point where pricing and volume should no longer be a limiting factor in your use of rhamnolipids for research work and diverse industrial applications.

AGAE Technologies is the world-leading manufacturer and supplier of rhamnolipid products for a wide variety of R&D and industrial applications, including personal care, home care, bioremediation, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), agriculture (adjuvants, fertilizer additives), and more. We have sold rhamnolipid products to customers in over 50 countries, either directly or through Sigma-Aldrich, since 2012. Following AGAE’s success with its first pilot plant fermentation and pilot purification plant in North America, we have increased our rhamnolipid production capacity to full commercial/industrial scale. AGAE offers competitive pricing and unlimited volumes not available anywhere else, while also ensuring quality, reliability, and consistency. We provide a full spectrum of rhamnolipid product variants to meet your needs.

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Press Release (9/12/2022): AGAE Achieves Breakthrough in Fermentation Production of Biosurfactant HAA.

Press Release (8/16/2022): AGAE Produces Record Yields of Rhamnolipids at Its Lowest Cost by Fermentation.


Our Vision

AGAE firmly believes that rhamnolipids will gradually replace a significant portion of petroleum-derived, chemically synthesized and even plant-based surfactants. Scientific evidence from over 75 years of studies fully supports that rhamnolipid is the best-known, most extensively characterized, and most widely applicable biosurfactant. Additionally, rhamnolipid is sustainably produced and safe for both humans and the environment. 

AGAE strives to contribute to the advancement of this replacement process by manufacturing and supplying the most economical and reliable rhamnolipids to its customers throughout the globe.

Through its continuing research efforts, AGAE will pioneer the feasibility, affordability and efficacy of novel, large-scale applications of rhamnolipids in diverse industries.

AGAE is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best rhamnolipid products and rhamnolipid-formulated personal care products to its customers and to serving them with the most advanced rhamnolipid technologies in the world.