Our Vision

Scientific evidence from over 70 years of studies on rhamnolipids fully supports what is the best known, most extensively characterized and most widely applicable biosurfactant, while also being safe for both humans and the environment. Thus, AGAE firmly believes that rhamnolipids will gradually replace a significant portion of petroleum-derived and/or chemically synthesized surfactants in various industries.

AGAE strives to contribute to the quick advancement of this replacement process by manufacturing and supplying the most economical and reliable rhamnolipid ingredients to its worldwide customers.

Through its continuing research efforts, AGAE will pioneer the feasibility, affordability and efficacy of novel, large-scale applications of rhamnolipids in diverse industries.

AGAE is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best rhamnolipid-formulated products and purified rhamnolipids to its customers and to serving them with the most advanced rhamnolipid technologies in the world.