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Unique, premium green hand soap products formulated with Rhamnolipid (RL) biosurfactant ingredientRL is the best environmentally-friendly and non-toxic cleaning and wetting agent found in nature.  When properly formulated, RL’s other important beneficial properties can include:  anti-bacteria, anti-fungi, anti-wrinkling, anti-aging, and wound healing.  These properties have been documented in various scientific literature, patent, and patent application publications.

  • Long-lasting moisturizing and soothing effect.
  • Comes in five pleasing essential oil scents.
  • Just a small amount does wonders for your skin!
  • Contains no harsh or artificial ingredients.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • First Rhamnolipid-formulated liquid soap products in the world.
  • Made in Corvallis, Oregon USA.

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